Wifi box plastic injection mould production


HONGMEI mould devote to product research,mould design,mold production,whole line production for OEM and ODM,packing then to shipment.

Plastic injection is main important part for the whole production and also it’s our mian business scope.
Injection moulding process for wifi box mould as below:

1.Wifi box plastic injection moulding process begins with taking plastic raw material in the form of granules or pellets. Then fed through a hopper and melted at high heat. When the plastic is soft enough, injected under pressure into a single or multi-cavity mould to produce the desired shape. Then, the plastic parts are left to cool down enough to harden and solidify. At that stage,injection mould opened and the plastic part is released by means of moving rods, plates or an air blast, ready to be put into its intended use.

2.Mould consists of two separate parts –injection mould that shapes the plastic entering the machine and the ejector mould that pushes the solidified product out the machine, ready for it to continue its journey along the production cycle. The moulds must be treated with the utmost care to prolong their useful life. Ideal humidity and temperatures must be maintained to ensure optimum performance and to prevent warping.

3.The process is quick and effective, enabling the production of large quantity of plastic components of the same shape and size to take place within shorter time periods, while still managing to ensure astonishing levels of accuracy and a high-quality finish. As with any manufacturing process, plastic injection moulding proccess doesn’t come without its issues, most of which can be corrected with the right technical know-how.

4.Common problems include blistering, burn marks, colour streaking, crazing and twisting, all of which affect the quality and finish of the plastic parts being produced. Thus, injection moulding machines must be routinely maintained and repaired as soon as any problems emerge, and the plastic parts closely inspected as they are being produced in order to prevent delays in the production cycle.

5.Such is the versatility of plastic injection moulding process that various methods can be used to generate different finishes. For example, a two-shot, or multi-shot mould combines two (or more) separate materials and incorporates them into one finished plastic part. This technique is ideal for softer finishes for items such as drawer knobs, or when a part needs to be made of more than one colour or offer different, yet complementary characteristics.

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