When you go to a plastic mold factory to make a mold for a commodity, you can choose a standard mold for a commodity, or you can choose to go to a customized mold option to develop a commodity that is different from a standard product. Two important factors must be identified when you contact the commodity mold manufacturer.

Product use. This will determine the type of mold to be made.

The number of products you want to produce using molds, which is critical to obtaining cost-effective or durable molds.

At present, daily necessities mold has been widely used in the industrial field, there are a lot of products, may be divided into the following categories:

Family daily necessities: plastic basin, bucket, chair, table, flowerpot,basket etc.

Industrial daily necessities: plastic pallets, turnover boxes

Daily necessities for Children: Baby tub,kid cars

As a result of daily necessities mold is simple, mold development cycle is generally very short. For some small daily necessities mold time is often only 20 days, even for large daily necessities injection mold time will not exceed 60 days. HONGMEI MOULD has rich product design concept and rich mould processing experience in the research and development of commodity mould technology, which can well meet the requirements of the majority of customers. 

HONGMEI MOULD's daily necessities are short in mold, which can be timely ejected after molding and curing, and there is no need to trim the gate and other procedures, which is conducive to production automation, part of the mold forming cycle can be less than 5 seconds.

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