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You must be know this article before you start Motorcycle Motorcycle electric scooter Plastic Helmets Production

How popular the safety helmets it is! Nowadays,the safety helmets are in great demand, if you would like to take the chance, please follow Hongmei Mould to learn the basic information about the Helmets Products.Hongmei Mould has rich experience to make the various Helmets Mould to our customers from different countries , and help them to set up the plastic helmet production line in their factories.So if you would like to make the Helmets production Line, Please contact us.Our professional team will help you from zero to mass productio

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Before you make the Plastic Helmets Mould, you need know the types of the Helmets.Motorcycle helmets are divided into four types according to the purpose. The protection scope of the 1/2 helmet does not include the ears; the protection scope of the helmet of the 3/4 helmet is extended to the ears of the 1/2 helmet; the ratio of the open helmet is 3 / The sides of the 4 helmets extend downward, and these three helmets are collectively called half helmets. The protection scope of the full-face helmet includes the eyes, face and jaw, and the shell and the jaw guard are an integral structure
How about the Plastic Material of Motorcycle electric scooter Plastic Helmet?

Plastic helmet materials are generally divided into four types: composite materials, plastic raw materials, abs, glass steel, and carbon fiber. The most common life is abs engineering plastics. ABS engineering plastics, namely PC + ABS (engineering plastic alloy), are also a kind of plastic raw materials. The Chinese name in the industry is called plastic alloy, and it is named PC + ABS, mainly because this composite material has excellent heat resistance and weather resistance of PC resin, excellent stability, difficult to deform and impact resistance, Contains excellent processing fluidity of ABS resin and strong plasticity. Therefore, such as plastic helmets, which have high plasticity requirements and need to ensure strong stability and safety, this plastic alloy is the best choice.
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