How to Manufacture High Quality Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump Mold?


Those who know mold know that mold manufacturing is a complex process. After much effort, a series of steps, such as design, processing, assembly, debugging, etc. from the beginning to the real use, there are many factors affecting the quality of the mold in the whole life cycle of a set of molds. Then how to manufacture high-quality pneumatic diaphragm pump molds?

pneumatic diaphragm pump mold 

01 The First is The Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump Mould Steel

Mold steel is the decisive factor of die quality, the selection of reasonable steel is the top priority. The criteria for selecting steel are:

① Requirements for injection molding materials

Different plastics should choose different steel, such as the requirements of high polishing, corrosion resistance and so on;

② Price

Steel performance enough to use, it is good, not the more expensive the better; Considering the cost factor of the mold, the mold steel should be selected and the mold life corresponding material, avoid unnecessary waste, can be selected according to the situation;

③ Surface treatment

The surface treatment of the mold is also very important. Nitriding can enhance the surface hardness of steel and effectively prolong the life of the die. Electroplating can effectively modify the die steel. For some plastic parts requiring high brightness and corrosion resistance, electroplating can be used to enhance and improve the performance of the steel.


02 Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump Mold Structure Design

The mature mold structure not only considers the product material properties, shrinkage rate, forming temperature, elastic tensile deformation coefficient, but also considers the cooling water channel, the speed of opening and closing mold, etc. Reasonable mold structure can effectively prolong the life of the mold and ensure the smooth production of the mold, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

pneumatic diaphragm pump mold

03 Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump Mold Processing

Mold process arrangement is particularly important, reasonable process arrangement can speed up the production cycle, shorten the processing time, effectively save costs. And more importantly, accurate and reasonable processing can ensure the stability and prolong the life of the mold in the production process. Some processing errors will lead to mold welding, no matter how good the welding is, it is a loss to the mold; In addition, poor processing may affect the role of the mold, reduce the life of the mold, resulting in the mold in the production process of cracking or even breaking.

pneumatic diaphragm pump mold

04 Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump Mold Assembly

Mold assembly is like assembling a machine, every part, every screw should not be wrong, otherwise the consequences will be quite serious.  Serious may even damage the mold completely, resulting in scrap, so the assembly must be very careful.  In the process of assembly, attention should be paid to the cleaning of the mold, especially the waterway and screw hole, and the iron filings inside must be blown clean.

pneumatic diaphragm pump mold

05 Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump Mould Cooling Waterway 

Anyone with mold experience knows how important cooling is to a mold. Due to the increase in prices and labor wages, in the mass production of products, each shortening of the injection cycle of a second of profit is unimaginable. However, speeding up the injection cycle will cause the temperature of the mold to rise. If it is not effectively controlled, the mold will be too hot to form, and even lead to the mold deformation, failure and scrap. Therefore, excellent waterway design is particularly important, including the distribution density, diameter, link between each other and so on.

pneumatic diaphragm pump mold

06 Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump Mold Maintenance

Mold maintenance is like a car. If it is not maintained for a long time, the mold may be scrapped. Therefore, every time the mold is used, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive maintenance, especially the anti-rust of the forming part and the main moving parts. Because the mold needs to be connected with water in the production process, water may get on the mold during the installation or disassembly process, so we must ensure the drying of the mold, and then brush a layer of oil protection.

pneumatic diaphragm pump mold

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