How to make a garbage can mold?


It is not easy to make a good garbage can, not only to create a bright surface, but also to do film printing and other processing. We should control the quality of the garbage can mold, including mold design, mold assembly selection and so on. You can check the key points of the garbage can mold made by Hongmei Mould:

 garbage can mold

We use CAE software to analyze the temperature distribution in the molding process, strengthen the design of cooling system at the highest temperature, so as to balance the cooling water layout, effectively shorten the cooling time and speed up the cycle. Different products have different requirements for steel, most of our recommended choices: P20, 718, 2738, 2316, NAK80, S136, H13 and so on. Beryllium copper is added to the top of the core and cavity edges for optimal cooling and reduced cycle time. Mold assembly is like assembling a machine. Every part and every screw can't go wrong, otherwise the consequences will be quite serious. Our assembly master is accurate in the assembly of garbage bin molds, strict quality control, accurate assembly and size control, so that the product wall thickness is uniform and not eccentric.

 garbage can mold

Only high quality molds and good design can effectively ensure the life of molds. If you are looking for garbage can mold manufacturers, please contact us.