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Hongmei is specialized in the manufacture of refrigerator moulds. We have many sets of refrigerator accessories moulds: refrigerator door decoration mould, refrigerator top mould, refrigerator base mould, refrigerator interior mould, refrigerator drawer mould, refrigerator door handle mould, ice box mould and so on. We have provided refrigerator parts mould for many countries. 

 refrigerator parts mould

Mould Name: refrigerator mould 

Product Size: 600x550x555mm

Product Description: refrigerator mould 

Mould Cavity: 1 cavity

Mould Size: 880x840x720mm

Applicable Machine: 650T

Main Material of Mould: 2738

Injection Moulding System: hot runner

Die Ejector System: thimble

Mould Cycle Time: 24 S

Mould Life: 1 M

Delivery Time: 80 working days

Mould Features: precision mould manufacturer

 refrigerator parts mould

Before manufacturing refrigerator accessories mould, we will first mould flow analysis, analysis the refrigerator accessories in advance possible problem in the process of injection moulding, such as plastic whether uniform flow, the rationality of the thickness, the refrigerator parts after moulding whether there will be a bubble, a microcosm, some potential visual defects such as weld mark, thus reasonable improvement, The analysis category includes material, gate position, quantity, parting line analysis, key size confirmation, etc. By optimizing product and die design in advance, unnecessary rework is avoided and time and financial costs are saved. Before shipping, we will repeatedly test the quality to ensure that the products are qualified.For more information about refrigerator accessories and moulds, please contact Hongmei moulds.

 refrigerator parts mould

For more information about refrigerator parts mould, please feel free to contact Hongmei Mould.



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