Advantages of Hongmei Mould Company


Advantages of Hongmei Mould Company:
1. Independent industrial design team, early DFM feasibility analysis and interactive discussion can effectively confirm the success of subsequent mold opening.
2. The standardized use of imported fidia/dmg/okuma 5-axis machining center /makino EDM machining center / Haitian 120t-3300t injection molding machine / high-power Naser ice water machine and hexagon CMM three-dimensional inspection center effectively controls the mold processing quality.
Delivery time:
1. For the mold group with clear classification (auto parts / household appliances / household daily necessities / logistics), the incoming capacity shall be evaluated and the corresponding planning shall be made to ensure on-time sample delivery and delivery.
2. The standard mold base is convenient for customers to repair and replace, shorten the time of later maintenance, and purify on time. A total of more than 500 molds can be completed every year.
Complete the order according to the market and customer requirements, reduce the customer's mold opening cost and control the internal cost of Hongmei mold.
Service: excellent after-sales service, ready to respond to customers' early after-sales needs. Customers' problems are our problems. 24-hour online service to help customers solve problems
Other Advantages:
1.15 years of mold opening experience, high concept design team, good quality and excellent scheme.
2. Give customers the best competitive price.
3.Professional communication with customers during mold processing, and provide pictures during processing.
4.High requirements for mold assembly, ensure the details and quality of the mold, make the mold run more smoothly, higher production efficiency.
5. We can provide a complete set of injection molding production line (mold + product + injection molding + purchasing equipment + purchasing auxiliary machines).
6. Provide customers with worry free, time-saving, money-saving, efficient and good molds.
7.Constant quality within the shortest delivery time.



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