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Large Home Appliance Mould

Our Large home appliance moulds include: plastic injection mould, fan mould, washing machine mould, refrigerator mould, air conditioner mould, cooling fan mould, purifier shell mould, water filter mould, etc  We are an excellent supplier of Large home appliance mould in China. Efficient, high quality, recognized by the industry.

Mould for Large home appliances
Hongmei mould has a professional team with rich experience in home appliance mould (such as refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, etc.) and cooperates with Fage, Siemens, Midea, Zhigao, Gree, Haier, aux, Hitachi, UnionPay, united technology, Voltaire, etc. the annual turnover of home appliance mould is about 2 million US dollars.
According to customers' ideas, we can provide a complete solution of high-precision home appliance mould from mould process analysis, product design optimization, mould design improvement, plastic parts production and other aspects, so as to ensure the smooth surface and perfect assembly of home appliance products.
We are still developing our home appliance mould technology to provide better solutions for Large home appliance mould.
Washing Machine Mould
HongMei Mould have made more than 100 sets of various washing machine mould sets,we have many experiences in washing machine mould manufacturing.
We have made most of the moulds for home washing machines at home and abroad, including double drum flip washing machines, single drum washing machines and shell moulds for roller washing machines. The weight of washing machines we make generally includes 6kg, 8kg, 9kg and 10kg washing machines. Of course, if you need to order large washing machines of more than 10kg, you can contact us at any time to get in touch with us for the first time, open new project washing Machine mould technical design is very important ,our Design R & D team and you docking, analysis.
Early we also provide free product design, 3D printing hand design!
The main advantage of Hongmei Mould in Large home appliance mould such as washing machine mould, is the surface finish and the plastic assembling effect of the washing machines. As you know all the plastic home appliance parts, specially the famous brand such as LG, SEMENS and so on, the assembling effect is extremely important for the brand. Therefore, high tooling precision is a must. To choose the most shining steel like NAK80 steel, is helping a lot in the finish the polish. And due to the material character, on high HRC, the mould still remain very high tooling capacity. Therefore, after long term running, the plastic mould is running still perfect in parting line and last shining.
Washing Machine Mould 1
 Mould Name:Large home appliance mould for Washing Machine Mould
 Product Size: 700x400x186mm
 Product Description: washing machine cover
 Mould Cavity: 1 cavity
 Mould Size: 1150X850X680mm
 Suitable Machine:550Ton
 Mould Main Material: 718H
 Mould Injection System:  hot runner 4 tips
 Mould Ejection System: ejector pin
 Mould Cycle Time: 72 Seconds
 Mould Running: 500K
 Delivery Time: 75 working days
 Mould Features: high tooling precision
Hongmei Plastic Mould also specialized in refrigerator mould manufacturing and large-scale injection moulding of refrigerator accessories. It has more than 100 complete sets of refrigerator accessories moulds: refrigerator door decorative strip mould, refrigerator top cover mould, refrigerator base mould, refrigerator interior mould, refrigerator drawer mould, refrigerator door handle mould, ice box mould, etc. We have provided a large number of durable chrome plated refrigerator door handle moulds for Mexico, Iran, Spain and other countries.
Hongmei plastic mould product design team is also specialized in the design of the whole refrigerator, and can provide a full set of design services for companies that can not independently design products.
Large home appliance mould Air Conditioner Mould
Hongmei mould is based on the concept of technology supremacy. We believe that compared with the electric vehicle mould, the employees who design and produce the mould for air conditioner and other household appliances will hold a higher quality concept. So far, we have designed and produced a lot of air conditioning mould, such as: air conditioning frame mould, air conditioning cover mould, air conditioning fan mould, air conditioning grille mould and so on.
Air conditioner housing Moulds and home appliance air conditioner mould, industrial center air conditioner mould and so on. HongMei Mould make very well mould-flow analyzing to avoid front mask jointing line. high speed precise CNC milling, and rigorous quality controlling processing.Here below are the few features and specifications of Hongmei mould's air conditioner mould:
1.5T air conditionerconnector
 Mould Name: Air Conditioner Mould
 Product Size: 750x200x200mm
 Product Description: Siemens Brand of Air conditioner
 Mould Cavity: 1 cavity
 Mould Size: 1100x750x850mm
 Suitable Machine: 850T
 Mould Main Material: DIN 1.2738
 Mould Injection System: 2 points pin-point gate
 Mould Ejection System: ejector pin and ejecting block
 Mould Cycle Time: 50 Seconds
 Mould Running: 800K
 Delivery Time: 75 working days
 Mould Features: high polishing requirement, critical injection moulding process.
HONGMEI Mould Plastic adhere to the development and manufacturing guidance of "high speed, accuracy, efficiency, environmental protection, and low consumption" to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and create economic benefits and value for customers.
Large home appliance mould Warmlly welcome contact me at any time.Wechat:249994163 whats App:008615867668057 
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Air Conditioner Mould

Air Conditioner Mould

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Air Conditioner Mould. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.Air conditioner housing Moulds and home appliance air conditioner mould, industrial center air conditioner mould and so on. HongMei Mould make very well mold-flow analyzing to avoid front mask jointing line. high speed precise CNC milling, and rigorous quality controlling processing.Here below are the few features and specifications of HongMei mould's air conditioner mould:
Mould Name:Air Conditioner Mould
Product Size:750x200x200mm
Product Description:Siemens Brand of Air conditioner
Mould Cavity:1 cavity
Mould Size about:1100x750x850mm
Suitable Machine:Dakumar 850T
Mould Main Material:DIN 1.2738
Mould Injection System:2 points ANOLE pin-point gate
Mould Ejection System:ejector pin and ejecting block
Mould Cycle Time:50 Seconds
Mould Running:800K
Delivery Time:60 working days
Mould Features:high polishing requirement,critical injection molding process.

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