Disposable Thin Wall Injection Mould
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Disposable Thin Wall Injection Mould

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Disposable Thin Wall Injection Mould. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.It’s commonly happened that after eating in the restaurant, people will package the rest food back; that food will be take-out to you if you don’t want to go outside.Disposable Thin Wall Injection Mould could help us solve this problem.

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Product Description

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Disposable Thin Wall Injection Mould. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

Disposable Thin Wall Injection Mould

Box material: PP

Mold material: H13

Mold base: C50

Nos. of cavity: 2

Runner: hot runner

Mold Size: 420*410*284mm

Mold weight: 400KG

Surface treatment of box: In-Mold-Labelling

Mould Features: stacking mould with high speed molding

To make thinwall food container, Hongmei mould design multi-cavity thinwall container in separate cavity molding inserts locking system, this not only saving the tooling period time, but also can avoid the tooling mistake risk for high precision tooling process.

With choosing high speed milling machine, valve gate system for fast flow of the raw material inside the cavity, effective cooling system for the mould temperature control and high speed moving of each step. Sino also offer IML molding system and robot automation for Disposable Thin Wall Injection Mould.

The raw material of Disposable Thin Wall Injection Mould---Polypropylene

When it comes to finding and creating plastic food packaging, it’s vital to understand whether plastic is considered to be food-safe or not. A food-safe plastic resin has been certified approved safe for contact with food by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These plastics are known as food contact substances (FCS).

The FDA defines a food contact substance as being any substance that is to be used in materials created for manufacturing, packing, packaging, holding, and transporting foods. The following is a look at the most common plastic resins approved as being safe for food contact by the FDA.

Polypropylene is a common plastic. There’s a good chance that your fridge and cupboards contain something made from polypropylene as plastic is commonly used for reusable storage containers for food. It’s also the plastic that single-serve tubs such as yogurt containers are made from.

PP plastics have been approved safe for food contact by the FDA. They are inert material which means that they don’t pose health risks to consumers. It doesn’t interact with food at all. Recycled polypropylene was approved as food safe by the FDA in 2013.

Polypropylene comes with a high melting point that makes it a great choice for microwavable food containers. It is completely non-volatile, not reacting at all to liquids, bases, and acids. This is what makes it so great for storing just about any kind of food, especially sensitive foods.

Guidelines of cooling system of Disposable Thin Wall Injection Mould 

In addition, cooling of the cores and cavities is more critical and challenging in thin-wall applications. Two important guidelines are:

1. Non-looping cooling lines should usually be located directly in the core and cavity blocks to help keep the mold surface temperature as consistent as possible.

2. Instead of decreasing coolant temperature to maintain the desired steel temperature, it is generally better to increase the amount of coolant flow through the tool. As a rule of thumb, the difference in temperature between the delivery coolant and return coolant should be no more than 5° to 10° F.

Mainly machines

We owns high-speed CNC machines, deep-hole drilling machines, electrical-cutting machines, milling machines, etc. 

So that we can give you high quality mould and best service for you.

Disposable Thin Wall Injection Mould Testing

After finishing machining, we will assembly the mould and test it.

One choice---We will send you 2-3 sets of samples by delivery for checking, also send the video to you.

Second choice---You can come to our factory to check the testing and sample.

After checking the sample is ok, we will polish the mould, package it abd send it.

Why thin-walled molds need to use high-speed injection molding machines?

Thin-wall injection molding is one of the key factors in successful injection molding. Rapid filling and high pressure can melt the molten thermoplastic material into the mold cavity at high speed, thus preventing the gate from being cold. If a standard part in two seconds to complete the filling, then the mold thickness reduced by 25%, it is possible to reduce the filling time by 50%, just 1 second. Look at high speed injection molding machine. High-speed injection molding machine can be electric, it can be hydraulic injection molding machine with accumulator. Usually the injection speed is above 500mm/s. Often used in the formation of thin-walled parts, or poor mobility, the flow of relatively long distance of the product molding occasions. One of the advantages of thin-wall injection molding is that when the thickness is reduced, less material is required to cool. As the thickness decreases, the molding cycle can be reduced by half. At the same time this is the pressure on the injection molding machine, the speed of the higher requirements of the reasons. Conventional injection molding machine due to the injection speed and pressure is low, the melt can not fill the entire cavity has been formed curing layer, often not meet the molding process requirements. High-speed injection molding machine high-pressure, high-speed, can reduce the molding of the product difficult; shorten the molding cycle, increase the unit time production, thereby reducing production costs and improve market competitiveness.

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