Car Lamp Cover Injection Mould
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Car Lamp Cover Injection Mould

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Car Lamp Cover Injection Mould. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.We are a professional China Car Lamp Cover Injection Mould manufacturer, if you want to know more, you can contact us.
Car lights are mainly used for lighting, can be said to be the eyes of the car, car lights are for all the car lighting system collectively,so we make this car light cover mould are carefully.

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Product Description

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Car Lamp Cover Injection Mould. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

Car Lamp Cover Injection Mould

Plastic mould: Car Lamp Cover Injection Mould

Mould cavity: 1+1

Hot runner: 4 drops with “HOTSET” heating coils, separted temperaturer controller

Mould cavity steel: DIN 1.2738

Mould core steel: DIN 1.2312

Mould slider insert: DIN 1.2738 with Nitriding

Core insert activation: 4 Hydraulic Cylinders

Plastic material: ABS

Cycle time: 40 Secs

Delivery time: 50 days

Any other requirement you can discuss with us.

Car Lamp introduction

Automobile lamp appearance requirements are high, several important parts are transparent parts, electroplating parts, etc., it can be said that the car appearance requirements of the highest parts is the lamp, so the mold design and manufacturing requirements are very high.

The main lighting parts of an ordinary car are front and rear headlights. Different car lights have different configuration, the same car according to the high and low configuration is not the same.

The main components of front and rear lamps are: left and right lenses, left and right decorative frames, right and left lamp shells, and right and left mirrors.

Car Lamp Appearance Requirements

1 . Optical Lens

 The product is transparent, the inside side has the pattern, the appearance request is high

2 . Adornment Casing

The appearance of the product is aluminized, and some areas need to be frosted

3 . The Lamp Shell
Products for internal functions, cap holes, back cover holes and other assembly requirements.

4 . Reflector

Electroplating products, there are strict requirements for light distribution, the appearance of aluminum plating

Mould Design Structure

Automotive light shell plastic is easy to adhere to the fixed mold phenomenon, to solve the lamp shell plastic fixed mold design prevention is:

* Before the mold design, check whether the release slope of the area with large clamping force of the plastic parts is greater than 3 degrees or above, and try to design it at more than 5 degrees to avoid sticking fixed mold and dragging damage of the plastic parts.

* Invert pattern is designed on the inner side of the plastic parts where the mold is easy to stick and the sealing force is large. The depth of invert pattern is 0.5~1mm, and the invert pattern is designed near the round corner of the plastic parts.

* Design reinforcement bars on the inner side of the molded parts where the clamping force is large, or design an inverted hook on the push rod.

The cooling water channel adopts the combined form of "vertical water pipe + inclined water pipe + riser water well", and the cooling system preferentially adopts vertical water pipe. Next is inclined water pipe, only then USES the partition type well.

The combined cooling channel is evenly arranged and close to the cavity, which is suitable for injection mold with large batch and high precision. Its shortcoming is cooling water pipe processing is more troublesome.

In the mold design, the area with large holding force of the plastic parts is due to the die slope of more than 5 degrees and the inverted pattern of 0.5mm deep is designed on the moving mold side.

Therefore, the mold ejecting and stripping is smooth, the mechanism moves smoothly, the mold is safe, stable and reliable, and the mold does not adhere to the fixed mold phenomenon, successfully solving the problem of lamp shell plastic parts sticking fixed mold. After trial production, the model has good loading effect and stable dimension.

Hongmei Mould Company Advantage
- Free Design: Including part design and mould design
- Service: 24 hours on line service
- Equipment: Five-axis high-speed milling machines
Three-axis high-speed milling machines
CNC milling machines
Deep hole drilling machines
Large-scale milling machines
CNC engraving machines
Electric sparks (EDM)
wire cutter

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