Car Glove box mould
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Car Glove box mould

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Car Glove box mould. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.Car Glove box mould is necessary for a car,people need place to storage their things, we are experience in making this mould.

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Product Description

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Car Glove box mould. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

Car Glove box mould


Material: ABS


Mould steel: H13


Mould baseC45


Runner: Hot runner


Cavity: Single


Polish: Grained Leather


Payment:50% TT in advance, and the balance will be paid before shipment.


Design of Car Glove box mould

Behind rapid development of automotive industry id development of automotive mold making industry. Especially in recent years, development of world automotive mold making industry is changing with each passing day, and demand for molds in the sutomotive industry is also growing. In the manufacturing process of a car, about 500 automotive plastic moulding are needed, including auto door mould, automotive bumer molding, auto lamp mould, glove box molds, central passage molds, positive and negative instrument panel molds, and other large auto parts mould, as well as presision auto parts mould such as various types of connectors for water tanks. It can be said that automotive plastic moulding has the largest proportion in the automobile mold making, and its importance is self-evident.


We believe high quality molds or plastic start with a great mold design, so we pay special attention to platis mold construction, gates, runners, cooling channels and mechanisms to ensure the best solution are used. We work with customer closely to determine details such as mold steel, mold accessories standard, raw materials selection etc. Constructive suggestions are always made for the benefit of your companies. All molds are carefully designed to maximize its service life and to easy maintenance, all molds are made economically and functionality to meet customer's expectations. Our design/engineering technologies include:


Pro/Engineer/Solidworks/UG/Catia(3D Modeling)


AutoCad(2D layout)


Moldflow analysis(Plastic flow/deform simulation)


MasterCam(CNC Programming)


Design for manufacturing(DFM) evaluation review occur bith internally as well as with customer, proposal pf part design optimization, mold, injection molding options are discussed to identify the best solution to achieve project goals and objectives. Customer review final tool design, such as part layout, parting line, ejection and gate locations, finishing, engraving, etc. Mold design in 2D &. 3D will be provided and need to be authorized by customer before cutting steel.





We support customer R&D. Make the files or improve the design if you needed.






Material, Quality, Price, Payment terms, Delivery time etc.




3.Place an order


According to your own design or you chooses our design.




4. Mould


According to clients request to build the mould. Before make the mould, we send mould design to customer for approval, before delivery we send samples& test video to clients for confirm.




5. Sample shoot


If the first sample come out is not satisfied customer, we modify the mould and until meet customers satisfactory.




6.Products in store


If your quantity is beyond our storage, we will provide lead time to you.




7. Delivery time


Delivery by sea or air which according to clients requirement.

What is the elastic modulus of steel?

"Elastic modulus" is a material property that indicates the strength or elasticity of the steel materials used for making mold parts. The elastic modulus is also called the "Young's modulus" usually. The elastic modulus is the coefficient of proportionality between the "strain" and the "tensile stress" when the steel material is pulled. This relationship can be expressed by the following equation.



ε: Epsilon

σ: Sigma

In other words, "stress is proportional to strain".

The physical value of the elastic modulus is determined by the type of the metallic material. In general, a material with a larger value for the elastic modulus has a higher tensile stress or rigidity.

The data of the elastic modulus is shown in Table 1 for some typical metallic materials.


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