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The molding of household appliances depends on various types of home appliances mould, which is used to produce plastic parts and components of household appliances.


With the continuous development of science and technology, household appliances become more diversified. With the fierce competition in home appliance market, shell design has become an important part.


The shell of household appliances is mainly divided into two categories: plastic materials and metal materials. Because plastics have many advantages, such as good plasticity, strong melt fluidity, simple manufacturing process, low cost, most of the materials of household electrical appliances parts are plastics.


Home appliances are closely related to home appliances mould. Home appliances mould is a widely used moulding technology in the market, and the proportion of plastic mould in the mould is gradually increasing.


Hongmei Mould is a professional manufacturer of home appliance mould from China. Chinese home appliance mould manufacturers are considered the best in the world.


The home appliance moulds manufactured by Hong Mei include washing machine moulds, air conditioner moulds, electric fan moulds, water dispenser moulds, refrigerator accessories moulds, cold fan moulds, juicer moulds, vacuum cleaner moulds, hair dryer moulds, LED lamp moulds and so on.


Hongmei Mould will carry out a complete analysis from design to production according to customers' ideas, provide qualified DFM report before mass production, and modify it according to customers' requirements until it meets every customer's requirements.


Hongmei Mould manufactures precision parts for industries all over the world. We produce cost-effective and high-quality home appliance parts, as well as provide complete solutions for high-precision home appliance mould to ensure unique design and perfect assembly of home appliances.

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