Automobile Headlamp Decorative Frame Mold Design Points


Automobile headlamp decoration frame is one of the most important parts on the headlamp, the appearance requirements are strict, the mold needs electroplating treatment.  

automobile headlamp shell mold 

For the automobile headlight decorative frame mold, the following points should be paid attention to when designing:  

(1) electroplated parts first to avoid wiring, because any wiring electroplated parts will appear, affect the appearance of plastic parts, the design of the pouring system to avoid wiring, if the wiring is inevitable, try to get it to the non-appearance area, pouring system design to be verified by mold flow analysis.  


(2) The surface of the decorative frame is generally designed with patterns. When designing the mold, we should pay attention to the depth of the pattern of the plastic parts, which is usually easy to produce flow patterns.  


(3) plastic material molding process range is small, plastic surface easy to produce bright spots and difficult to control.  

Mold gating system design should be thick and large, the gate using fan-shaped gate, gate width maximum size of 35~40mm, conducive to melt filling.  


(4) Decorative frame plastic parts are easy to appear the phenomenon of sticking mold, the early design prevention to solve the problem of plastic parts sticking mold is generally:  

A. Invert lines are designed on the inner side of the plastic parts where it is easy to stick to the mold and the sealing force is large. The depth of invert lines is 0.5~1mm, and the invert lines are designed near the rounded corners of the plastic parts.  

B. The inner side reinforcement of the plastic parts corresponding to the large clamping force of the fixed mold is designed, and the inverted hook is designed on the push rod.  

 automobile headlamp mold

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