Method To Avoid Shrinkage Marks In Injection Mold Processing


In the process of injection mold, due to the influence of factors, resulting in injection parts of shrinkage, affect the effect of use. Here are the reasons for the injection parts and the shrinkage of the solution:

First of all, the reason of shrinkage mark in injection mold processing

  1. The melting temperature is not too high or too low.

  2. Mold cavity plastic problem.

  3. Cooling stage of plastic contact surface.

  4. The flow channel is not reasonable, the cross section of the door is too small.

  5. Mold temperature and plastic characteristics of the adaptation.

  6. The product structure is not reasonable (strengthen the ancient high, too thick, obviously uneven).

  7. The cooling effect is not good, and the product continues to shrink after release.

Two, the injection mold in the processing of shrinkage marks

  1. Adjust the temperature of the oil injection cylinder.

  2. Adjust the screw speed to get the correct screw surface speed.

  3. Increase the injection volume.

  4. Ensure proper use of the pad; Increase the screw time; Increase injection pressure; Increase the injection rate.

  5. Check whether the check valve is installed correctly, because abnormal operation will cause pressure loss.

  6. Reduce the surface temperature of the mold.

  7. The correct flow channel, to avoid excessive pressure loss, according to the actual needs, appropriately expand the size of the section.

  8. According to the characteristics of plastic and product structure appropriate control of mold temperature.

  9. Improve the product structure where possible.

  10. Try to make the product cool enough.