New Brush Molding Test Successful


Mould Information

Mould name: Household mini brush mold

Plastic material:PP

Specification: Customization

Mould Material: P20,718,2738,

Mould cavity: 8 cavity

Mould Runner: Cold

Cycle time: 30s 

Soft ware: UG,PROE,CAD

Mould life: More than 300,000 shots

Delivery time: 30-75 days

Packing: Wooden case


1) material

New Brush Molding Made of high quality PP, PET materials, strong cleaning power, durable.

2) Easy to use

small size, light weight, long handle, comfortable to hold, easy to clean.

3) Simple storage

It comes with a hanging hole, which can be easily hung on the wall. It hardly takes up space in your house and saves space.

4) Multi-purpose

This cleaning brush can also be used to clean shoes floor and some other place.

New Brush Molding Cold Runner

The brush handle is thick and the cycle time is longer than those thin product.

Saving material costs The waste generated by the cold runner forehearth and gate is very large, especially the larger the volume of the part, the more waste due to the long forehearth. Some of these wastes can be reused, and some cannot be reused. Even if they can be reused, the overall performance of the material is greatly reduced, and recycling equipment is also required.

The longest of these is the cooldown time. In plastic molds, the thicker the product wall, the longer the cooling time. Since the cold runner needs to supply materials to multiple cavities or more pouring points at the same time, the wall thickness of the product in the cold runner is usually larger than the thickness of the injection molded product itself. Because there is a cooling time difference between the cold runner melt and the injection molded product, the cold runner is eliminated, and the cooling time will be shortened. The difference in injection time is also an aspect of using hot runners instead of cold runners. The difference in injection time is due to the additional time required to fill the cold runner. This is because the mold of the cold runner increases the opening/closing stroke of the injection molding machine, and the increase in the stroke is to ensure the safe ejection of the cold runner. The products using hot runner injection molding are more suitable for the automatic removal of products. Since there is no cold runner to interfere with product removal, the secondary manual operations of injection molding, such as product and runner separation, product trimming and packaging time can be greatly shortened or completely eliminated. Thus, the production capacity per unit time is improved, that is, the production efficiency is improved.

Improve the quality of parts The use of hot runners can effectively improve the surface quality and mechanical properties of products, greatly improve the warpage deformation of thin-walled parts, and ensure consistent quality of injection molded parts of multi-cavity molds.

In particular, the needle valve type nozzle has a more obvious effect on improving the appearance quality of injection molded products, and its main advantages are: no gate residues are left on the products. The ability to use a gate with a larger diameter can speed up the filling of the cavity, further reduce the injection pressure, and reduce the deformation of the product. It can prevent the phenomenon of wire drawing and salivation when the mold is opened; when the screw of the injection molding machine retreats, it can prevent the material from being sucked back from the mold cavity.

Hongmei company according to customers require, we choose cold runner, because

* it reduce the cost and it is easy for fix Brush Molding.

* Even though the cycle time is longer, but customer is acceptable.

* Cold runner surface is suitable for them.

Hongmei mould company will as your require to customized suitable mould for you, such as mould steel , mould cavity and runner system etc.

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