Infant Car Seat Mould


Infant Car Seat Mould

Mould Specifications

Mould name:Infant car seat mould

Plastic resin: PP

Steel for mould cavity: 718

Steel for mould core: P20

Injection system: Hot runner

Cycle time: 110s

Mould dimension: 1600*1000*990mm

Mould spanlife: 500,000 shots

Infant safety seat is a seat designed specifically to protect children from injury or death during collisions. Car manufacturers may integrate child safety seats directly into their vehicle's design. Most commonly, these seats are purchased and installed by consumers. Many regions require children defined by age, weight, or height to use a government-approved child safety seat when riding in a vehicle.

The main structure of the safety seat is made by plastic parts which are produced by Child safety seat mold, also some metal parts to fix or support these plastic parts.

How To Protect Mould After You Received It?

-After received the moulds, you can see almost all mould parts with rust agent, and mould outside our worker also spread enough grease and oil. After that, we covered mould by film;

-Before you production, should use cleaning agent clear them, after you production need change other moulds to machine, then this mould inside should spray enough rust agent at least, outside if you won't mind then no need spread oil.

-Spray enough rust agent inside everyplace, and all the water pipe must push all water in and out as dry as you can.

-After all work done, please keep the mould closed.

When Aoxu mould factory arrange shipment, we will ensure all clear and no rust, but protect moulds should be depend on customer after received mould. Pls take care all of our moulds made by steel, if not protect well, it easy get rust.

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