Mirror Polish of Goggle Mould


Mirror Polish of Goggle Mould

The polishing process of the mirror mold is generally the process of polishing the cavity surface of the plastic injection mold by using oilstone, sandpaper, polishing paste, etc., so that the working surface of the mold can be as bright as a mirror.Mirror mold polishing can make the surface of the product smooth and beautiful, in addition, it can make the product easier to demoulding on the mold.

Mirror mold polishing method

Mirror mold polishing do not use Z fine stone, sandpaper, grinding polishing paste at the beginning, so that the coarse lines can not be thrown away.The polished surface of the mold looks bright, but when viewed from the side, the thicker lines show up.Therefore, first from the coarse stone, sand paper or polishing paste grinding, and then change to a finer stone, sand paper or polishing paste grinding, and then with a fine polishing paste polishing.This seems to be more troublesome, more process, actually is not.A process, the front of the coarse processing grain polished off, and then the following process, will not cause rework, a walk down can make the mold finish to meet the requirements.

First commonly used crude oil stone to machining the mirror surface of mold cavity surface with grinding remove machining tool mark, and then use thin oil stone to remove traces of crude oil stone grinding, and then use fine sandpaper to fine abrasive polished surface is rubbed again, and then use polishing paste or paste on the final fine polishing the mold cavity surface with grinding, finally reaching bright like result of mirror.This is the whole process of polishing the mirror mold in general.Of course, if possible, you can use ultrasonic polishing machine to polish the mold, which is more efficient.People are also easier.

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