More and More New Smart Health Equipment Influence Our Daily Life


More and More New Smart Health Equipment Influence Our Daily Life

With the development of technology, more and more are concern their health, so many smart equipment are turn out.

So what is a smart health device?

More and more devices have broken into our small living space under the name of smart. This kind of products that add the word "smart" are also very popular. It seems that something with the word "smart" will immediately become Going tall. Such smart bracelets, smart watches, smart body fat meters, smart blood pressure monitors and other products that can be bought on the market all belong to the scope of smart health equipment. In my opinion, smart health equipment must have The conditions are: comfortable to wear, safe to wear on the body; simple to use, no need to spend time to challenge your patience equipment; appearance suitable for various occasions, not very strange equipment; can provide convenience to our lives Equipment.

Mother can monitor all kinds of things in the whole family. Even if we usually jot down things to do in the mobile phone memo, sometimes we are too busy to read and delay things. However, Mother is different. Users can attach the sensor to an object or carry it with them, and tell Mother what to do through the relevant application on the phone. When you forget, Mother will send out an alarm until you remember. For example, we put a Motion Cookie on the medicine bottle. When it is time to take the medicine, Mother will receive the induction and initiate an alarm until you open the medicine bottle to take the medicine.

My vision of the future of smart health equipment

At this stage, smart health equipment is still in the stage of exploration and starting. Many smart health equipment on the market have no practical value. Anyway, it is of no use to me. Not only did it not bring me any convenience, but the troublesome operation made me very crazy; there are some smart health equipment I think the additional functions are meaningless, such as smart scales. The only purpose for me to buy a weight scale is to weigh. As long as I know how heavy I am, I don’t want to record the weight change of one week or one month, and I am not in the mood to know the fat content. These cold numbers are a burden to me, plus Smart scales are not only useless, but also more expensive than ordinary scales!

I hope that in the future, no matter what this kind of smart health equipment is, what it must do is to provide convenience to our lives, it must have outstanding highlight functions, and this highlight function must be helpful to our lives! Other auxiliary functions are not necessary. I also hope that every designer can design more intelligent health equipment with practical value. For example: How to give a relaxing massage to the cervical spine anytime, anywhere? How to prevent myopia and bags under the eyes caused by excessive eye use? How to directly interfere with brain waves to help people sleep? Hope that smart health equipment will develop well in the future

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