Technical Analysis of Plastic Bucket Mold


Hongmei Mould specializes in providing all kinds of plastic bucket molds, such as bucket molds, paint bucket molds, sealed bucket molds, etc. The plastic bucket capacity we manufacture also varies from 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L to 30L.We have a complete R & D team, design department, high precision processing equipment, quality inspection department and after-sales service team, to ensure that every pair of plastic bucket mold received by customers is of excellent quality.

plastic bucket injection mold

The following is Hongmei Mould to analyze the problem of uneven wall thickness caused by the eccentricity of the plastic bucket mold:

1. If the cooling water flows unevenly in each area of the core and cavity of the plastic bucket mold, it will cause the flow difference of the dissolved plastic. The hotter the area, the greater the flow, the colder the flow will be smaller, so as to make the wall of the bucket thicker in the hot area.Normally, different temperatures will result in a tolerance of at least 0.05mm.

2. Generally speaking, the zero degree four Buick lock height of the plastic bucket mold should be 20%-30% of the height of the plastic bucket, such as a smaller bucket should be 20%, and a larger bucket mold should be about 30% high.

3. Plastic bucket mold manufacturing as far as possible cavity and blank material made into one, that is, we say the original body, the product concentric error will be smaller.

4. When we do the core cavity of the plastic barrel mold processing, special attention should be paid to the selection of processing equipment.

 plastic bucket mold

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