The Coefficient Of Automobile mould Has Risen


The Coefficient Of Automobile Fractional Ratio Has Risen

According to the definition given by the China Insurance Research Institute, the ratio coefficient of an automobile is the ratio of the total price of vehicle parts to the sales price of the entire vehicle. The China Insurance Research Institute believes that the ratio of auto parts to the whole is a comprehensive reflection of the changes in consumers' auto cost burden and auto insurance compensation costs. To put it simply, it is the total amount of all parts of a car that can be purchased for the same model as the total amount calculated at the original factory price. 

According to the latest data from China Insurance Research Institute, the "Automotive Ratio 100 Index" and "Commonly Used Parts Burden 100 Index" have risen significantly, reaching 350.93% and 17.31, respectively, an increase of 13.96 percentage points and 1.15 percentage points from the previous period. 

Among the commonly used accessories that China Insurance Research Institute pays attention to, the average price of 17 accessories is higher than the level of March 2019, and the price of accessories for 71 models has increased. Specifically, the front door shells, front fenders, and rear door shells were the top-increasing parts; among the single parts, the single-piece headlight ratio of the 2020 FAW Audi Q5L was 10.56%. 

The Coefficient Of Automobile mould Has Risen and the Chinese government strongly supports new energy vehicles,  and many Chinese enterprise investment car industry, so the prospects of the automotive mold industry are considerable.

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