How to Improve the Level of Plastic Injection Medical Instrument Mold Design?


How to Improve the Level of Plastic Injection Medical Instrument Mold Design?

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A set of high quality plastic injection Medical Instrument Mold design is in the premise of meeting customer requirements, so that the processing cost is low, the processing difficulty is small, the processing time is short.To do this, it is not only necessary to fully digest the requirements of the guests, but also to understand the injection molding machine, mold structure, processing technology and the mold factory's own processing capacity.Therefore, to improve the level of medical instrument mold design, we should do the following:

1. Understand each set of mold design in every detail, understand the purpose of each part in the mold.
2. In the design, refer to the previous similar design, and understand the situation in its mold processing and product production, and learn from the experience and lessons.
3. Learn more about the working process of the injection molding machine to deepen the relationship between the mold and the injection molding machine.
4. Understand the processing technology in the factory, and understand the characteristics and limitations of each processing.
5. Understand the test results and mold modification of self-designed molds, and draw lessons from them.
6. In the design as far as possible to use the previous more successful mold structure.
7. Learn more about the influence of mold gate on products.
8. Study some special die structure and know the latest die technology.
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Advantages of Hongmei Plastic Injection Medical Instrument Mold
1. The surface of the product is high light transmittance and no dent.
2. The mold control precision is high, no eccentric.
3. The combination of high speed injection molding machine and good cooling system speeds up the molding cycle.
4. The injection molding is stable and the production efficiency is improved.
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