What the Consequences of Poor Exhaust of Plastic Injection Moulds will be?


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Let's follow Hongmei Mould to understand what the consequences of poor exhaust of plastic injection moulds will be?

1. The gas is subjected to large compression and produces back pressure, and this back pressure increases the resistance of the molten material body filling the mould flow, prevents the normal rapid filling of the molten plastic, so that the mould cavity can not be filled, resulting in unclear plastic edges.

2. There are obviously visible flow marks and fusion joints on the products, and the mechanical properties of the products are decreased.

3. After gas compression, it will seep into the inner layer of plastic, resulting in surface quality defects such as silver lines, pores, loose tissues and peeling layers.

4. After the gas in the cavity is compressed, the heat is generated and the local temperature of the plastic rises, and the plastic melt is decomposed and discolored, or even charred and carbonized.

5. Poor exhaust reduces the filling speed and increases the forming cycle of parts (especially high-speed injection moulding), which seriously affects the production efficiency.

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