How to Choose Air Condition Mould Factory


Air Condition Mould Feature

Mould Name: Air Conditioner Wind Screen Plastic Parts Mould

Mould Steel: P20

Mould Base: Standrad

Cavity Number: 1

Runner Type: Hot

Hot Runner Brand: Yudo

Product Material: ABS

Demolding Type: Auto-ejection

Mould Life: 300,000 shots

Lead time: 3-8 weeks according to complexity od mould

Package: Fumigation-free wooden box

Hongmei Could Offer You

Hongmei Mould make very well mould-flow analysing to avoid air conditioner mould front mask jointing line. We offer you not only a mould, but a fine solution and good service. Hongmei staff regard” Pursue the excellence shape the perfect” as the job philosophy. Paying attention to every detail of the production process, at the same time we are strict with the quality inspection work.

 Air Condition Mould Cooling System

The design of mould cooling should consider the cooling effect and cooling uniformity, also should consider the influence to total mould structure. Good cooling system can reduce the cooling time so that can improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost.

Air Condition Mould Daily Maintenance

For mould daily maintenance is more important than mould amendment, if amending more time, the mould life is shorter.

*Daily maintenance: adding oil to every moving part, such like ejector pin, slider, guide bush, guide pillar, etc.; cleaning the mould surface; cleaning the water way.

*Regular maintenance: except the daily maintenance, also need cleaning air venting and amending the part which is burned or damaged.

*Appearance maintenance: painting oil paint to avoid rust; keep the mould clean and avoid the dust into mould.

Calculating an injection moulding cycle is as follows

Cycle = Mo+Mc+I+C

Mc = Time to close the Air condition mould (this is the time it takes to actually close the tool)

I = Time to inject material into the mould

C = Cooling Time (Time to solidify molten material)

To = Time to open a mould and eject the part (these can overlap and together make up total open time)

The production rate of air condition mould is the Cycle Time multiplied by the number of mould cavities in the tool.  Typically for prototype and low volume production a tool will have only a single cavity and little to no automation.  Full production moulds for extremely high volume applications like caps and closures may have dozens of cavities and full automation with extremely short cycle times and very high productivities.  These factors make injection moulding extremely cost effective once the initial tooling has been completed and process has been stabilized. 


1. How to get mould quotation?

A:  Just send chair sample picture and outer size 

     Or you can send drawing

2. What steel suitable for chair mould?

A: P20: HRC 28-32

   718: HRC 33-35

3. How long to make chair mould?

A: 60 days as usual

4. Is 3D design available?

A: We can make new chair design 3D file; 

    Calculate chair weight

    Mold flow analysis

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