Plastic Bottle Cap Mould


Plastic Bottle Cap Mould

Hongmei Mould is specialized in R&D, design and manufacturing of bottle cap moulds. It has strong strength in product design, manufacturing technology and after-sales service. The moulds are not only sold well all over the country, but also have been exported to many countries, and are well received by customers and peers.

plastic bottle cap mould

The plastic bottle cap mould made by Hongmei Mould includes flip plastic mould, water cap mould, Juice cap mould, spray cap mould,multi cavity oil bottle handle mould and so on. We use UG, AutoCAD software design, senior product designers in the design stage for customers to strictly control the quality.For different packaging bottle cap moulds, we adopt H13, 2316, S136 and other steel materials for the cavity and core to meet different needs.The double-cone positioning structure is adopted to ensure the concentricity of cap products.


Hongmei Mould Team has an independent heating and temperature control system for each cavity, which ensures uniform heating temperature to maintain reliable quality of products.At the same time, each core and cavity has an independent cooling system, which can shorten the production cycle.The interchange function of inserts greatly saves time cost and expensive material cost, and is also convenient for later repair and maintenance.On the multi-cavity mineral water bottle cap mould, the maximum can reach 144 cavities.


The company uses high precision high speed machining center, to achieve high standard of mould processing, with exquisite processing technology, to ensure the precision of the mould, improve the service life of the mould.We will be based on customer requirements for customers to customize quality moulds.

 flip plastic mould

If you want to customize the bottle cap mould, welcome to contact us, we believe that our professional can be customized for you.

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