High Quality Test Tube Mold Manufacturer


High Quality Test Tube Mold Manufacturer


Medical plastic test tubes are commonly used to collect and preserve blood, urine, pus and synovial fluid and are widely used in the medical market.Hongmei Mould has rich experience in the research and development of medical molds. The test tube molds manufactured by Hongmei have the advantages of high efficiency, high precision, convenient maintenance and long service life. In addition, we also provide project solutions from product design to customized plastic test-tube molds to fully meet the needs of customers.

 medical test tube mold

For PP test tube mold, we manufacture 12-64 cavity, cavity core steel material using S136, after vacuum quenching, the hardness reaches 50HRC, the service life of at least 5 million molds, at the same time the core cavity by mirror polishing, to ensure that the product surface to achieve the effect of bright as a mirror.Cooperate with high speed machine and high quality needle valve hot runner system, forming cycle can reach the lowest 8s, effectively ensure the production efficiency.At the same time, the dimensional accuracy of each part of the test tube mold and the interchangeability between the parts are equivalent to further improving the efficiency and reducing the maintenance cost.

medical test tube mold

Test Tube Mold Design

Material: PP, PS, PET, PE

Mold Cavity Number: 12-64 cavity

Mold Size: 660*500*478mm (take 32 cavity as an example)

Applicable Machine: 200HH, 300HH, 400HH

Mold Steel: S136

Mold Injection System: needle valve gate

Mold Ejection System: push plate

Mold Cycle Period: 8-18s

Mold Life: at least 5 million mold


If you have any idea about the medical test tube mold, please let us know. Our professional engineer team will customize competitive solutions according to your requirements.

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