Plastic Tableware Mold


Plastic Tableware Mold

With the development of society and the progress of The Times, people's awareness of food safety is getting higher and higher. Disposable tableware has gradually developed from bulk to various forms of packaging.HongMei Mould has rich experience in plastic tableware mold manufacturing, and its product categories cover all the popular styles in the market, such as plastic knives, plastic forks, plastic spoons, etc.The design can be carried out according to the original sample of customers, and the product design can be improved according to the requirements of customers.The following is the spoon mold information.

Plastic Spoon Injection Mold

 Mould NamePlastic Spoon Mold
 Product Size16cm
 Product MaterialPP, PS
 Mould Cavity24 cavity
 Mould Size550x550x700mm
 Suitable Machine  Hi Speed 200HH
 Mould Main MaterialS136 2738
 Mould Ejection Systemejector pin
 Mould Cycle Time5-8 Seconds
 Mould Running3M 
 Delivery Time35 working days

The material of disposable plastic tableware generally has PP/PS two kinds.Because the material is different, the choice of mold steel is also different.We generally choose H13, S136, 2344, 2316 and other quenching materials to ensure the strength and life of the mold.At the same time, we can also manufacture 24 cavity, 32 cavity, 64 cavity and 48 cavity +48 cavity mold according to customer's capacity requirements.


Hongmei is also committed to the research and test of the lamination technology for the disposable plastic tableware mould. Compared with the standard mould, the 48-cavity + 48-cavity two-layer lamination mould has nearly 100% improvement in the production efficiency, which greatly improves the equipment utilization rate and productivity, and reduces the cost of injection molding. It is suitable for the mass production of plastic products.


In addition, our company can also produce a variety of disposable plastic tableware molds, such as plastic PS cup mold, thin-walled food container mold.We not only make a good mold, but also try our best to do a good job in after-sales service, so that you can be more assured to cooperate with us.If you have relevant requirements, please contact us.

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