Engineering mold design


We provide knowledge and experience to our customers. Our initial mold drawings will be provided to customers, so that they can understand our design and mold production process. Time and life are very important factors in mold production. Die material selection and production are related to the engineer, which is also the key to the success of the mold. The design and mold provided by Hongmei can make customers realize the high-level design, high-level management and high-level production. It has nothing to do with who makes it, because all of these belong to Hongmei plastic mould

Plastic mold design test:

Through the accurate analysis of mold design, processing steps and plastic mold structure, we provide a perfect solution for customers.

Mold inspection involves many aspects, such as: mold strength, mold flow analysis, mold injection, cooling system, guide system, specifications of various parts, customer machine selection and customer special mold requirements, etc., all of which should be tested according to the mold design standard.

Mould Flow Analysis 

The Flow Simulation Center is devoted to improving product quality and effciency. Polymer flow behavior is examined during flow simulation when injected into the cavity (fill, pack, cool analyses) and once ejected (warpage analysis).

The center focuses on all key aspects of the injection molding process, including:

Part Design

>Determining the number of gates, gate location and size, weld line location, fiber orientation and pressure levels

>Avoiding short shots and hesitation effects during injection molding

>Defining optimum injection time

>Determining the table of sequence for sequential gating

Mold processing

After the confirmation of the mold drawing, start to make

Including steel preparation, CNC rough machining, deep hole drilling, EDM, drilling machine, high-speed milling, finishing, assembly, etc

All of our mould steels in our company have long service life . The moulds are manufactured with advanced equipment, with a tolerance of + / - 0.01mm. The appearance of die products is good without flash, and they are well matched with other products.

Efficient equilibrium cooling system

High precision machining process

Careful selection of the steel for every part of the mold

The mold adopts the hot runner with valve gates to improve mold efficienc

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