Plastic food container box mould


We’re manufacturing series range of food container mould and food packaging box mold,we’ve got rich experience in this area.
Plastic containers are widely used around us, we can see so many specifications containers in our daily life. 

From small to big, like 50ml-20L. From thin to thick, like 0.5mm to 1.5mm. From food to industrial use. Like ice-cream container, snacks container, oil package container etc.
For thinwall box mould, we suggest use at least 718 mould steel, mould life would be around 1,000,000 shots, polish effect is ok. 

If mirror polish required, 2344 mould steel be be advised, mould life will be around 1-3 million shots, product surface excellent effect.


On the other hand, we add BECU(beryllium copper) at the top of bucket mould, depth is around 40mm to guarantee good cooling and reduce cycle time, customers will get more products at the same time.

For cooling system, we have our own idea of water channel diameter and know how to design the cooling system to keep the best cooling effect. As a result, we can make bucket moulds in high quality with short cycle time and fast delivery.
If you want to make a good quality thinwall container mould and find mould makers in china, Hongmei mould company will be your best choice! 

You will not only get good price, but also the best service!

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