Food/Beverage Plastic Crate Mould, Turnover Box Mould


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We use hot runner technology, injection molding flow analysis software to design and make crate mould which includes:

· vegetable crate mould and

· plastic Collapsible crate mould

· plastic non-collapsible crate mould

· plastic a covered crate mould

· plastic uncovered crate mould

· plastic industrial crate mould (Turnover crate mould, tools crate mould )

· plastic agricultural crate mould (Vegetable crate mould, Fruit crate mould )

· plastic supermarket crate mould (beer crate mould,bread crate mould )

· fish crate mould and so on.

The crate mould has reasonable structure, reliable operation, easy molding process control, crate quality assurance.

or good plastic injection moulding, on crate mould structure design, the crate mould often adopts 4 or 6 hot-runner drops gate (or 3 plates crate mold)due to the large size, complex shapes; due to four sidewalls with lots of ribs perpendicular to the turnover box mould open direction,4 sliders are needed to form those ribs and make the crate release away from the mold.

If you adopt point gate moulds which require a three-plate structure, sequence and automatic stripping off the gate, etc., this kind of crate mould is with complex structure, large dimensions, long processing manufacture…

· plastic crate mould

· cavity:1

· Hotrunner:4 drops with “HOTSET”  heating coils

· mould cavity steel: DIN 1.2738

· mould core steel: DIN 1.2312

· Plastic material: HDPE

· Cycle time:40 Secs

· Delivery time:45 days.

The Maintenance Of The Crate Mould Before Production

· Clean the mould surface for the oil, rust, check mould cooling hole for foreign material.

· Check the sprue if there is residual material.

· Check the fixed mold plate and confirm if the screw clamp is tightened.

· After the crate mould is fixed on the injection molding machine, injection operation should be carried out first.

Observe the movement of each part of the operation: whether there is an abnormal phenomenon, the moveable parts such as the guide pins, the ejection pins, sliders whether there is wear, lubrication is good, the stroke…