Plastic Flower Pot mould Design form Hongmei Mould Plastic


Plastic Flower Pot mould Design form Hongmei Mould Plastic

There are many kinds of flower pots, according to the material distinction, there are metal flower pots, wooden flower pots, ceramic flower pots and plastic flower pots, while the production cost of plastic flower pots is lower, high production efficiency, in all flower pots, plastic flower pots accounted for 40%.

Among plastic planters, PP material is the most common, the product has thin wall thickness, light weight, and the production cycle of a planter can be as low as 6 seconds. Products can be stacked and transportation costs are cheap, making plastic planters all over the world.

Mould Design of Flower Pot Mould

1) Gate design of Flower Pot Mould 

 Hongmei flowerpot plastic mould

Most of the plastic flower pots are round or square, so in the process of flower pot mold making, the location of the gate is basically one point hot runner into the glue at the bottom, the advantage of doing so is that in the process of injection molding, the flow rate is uniform and does not run off, and at the same time, the cost of one point hot runner is not expensive.

2)Cooling System of Flower pot mould

The purpose of the flower pot mold cooling system is to make the product cool evenly and eject the molding in the shortest time. The good or bad arrangement of mold cooling system directly affects the molding quality and production cost of flowerpot mold.Impact on the quality of flower pot products: During the injection process, the cooling system can control the temperature of the flower pot mold, and the uniform mold temperature can reduce the deformation of the products and make the size of the plastic flower pot controlled within reasonable tolerances.Influence on the production cost of flower pots: the hole diameter of the cooling system is controlled at 6-8mm, and the quantity is large and closely lined up together, which can shorten the cooling time of the flower pot mold, and then improve the production efficiency and reduce the production time of individual flower pots to achieve the purpose of reducing the production cost.

Thin-walled flowerpot mold Multilateral flowerpot mould 

3) The Ejection Design of the Flower Pot Mould

For flower pots without holes at the bottom, air ejection is usually used. For flower pots with holes at the bottom, it will be ejected by using the stripper plate or the top bar. When ejecting, the top bar should be balanced to ensure that the product is not deformed, not broken, and no top white situation. The position of the top bar should be designed in such a way that it does not affect the appearance and function of the product. As far as possible, use the standard top bar, once damaged can be replaced in time, does not affect the injection molding.Design of the Multilateral Flower Pot Mold

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