Sauce and Vinegar Plastic Thin Wall Box Mould


Hongmei Mould is a professional manufacturer of thin wall box mould. While ensuring the hardness of the product, we can also achieve uniform wall thickness of the product. Then what steel material should we generally choose?

 thin wall box mould

Thin wall box mould can be made of steel, such as 2316, 2344, 2738, S136, H13, etc., and S136 is the first choice of customers. 

It is recommended to use S136 stainless steel for thin wall box mould for the following reasons:

1. Using stainless steel, food safety is more guaranteed.

2. Stainless steel mold is not easy to rust, easy to maintain.

3.S136 polishing performance is good, the production of transparent products, transparency will be better.

4.S136 is quenched steel material, which is not easy to deform. Generally, thin-wall box customers are high-speed and high-pressure production. If the hardness of steel material is not enough, the mold is easy to deformation and eccentricity.

 thin wall box mould

Hongmei can also manufacture 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml and other different shapes and specifications of thin wall box mould, you can feel free to contact us.