Baby Swing Car Mould Manufacturer


Hongmei Mould has rich experience in manufacturing baby swing car mould. We will provide a perfect baby swing car mould plan according to customers' ideas and needs. The following is some detailed information for your reference:

Baby Swing Car Mould 

Mould NameBaby Swing Car Mould

Mould SteelP20,718,S136,etc.

Mould Cavity:Single Cavity\Multi Cavity

Mould Runner:Cold Runner and Hot Runner

Mould Design SoftwareUG,CAD,etc.

Product MaterialPP

Mould life: 1M

More specifications:Depends on Customer′s Requirements

Baby Swing Car Mould

Hongmei custom baby swing car mould, we will generally take the following important steps to control the design and processing:

1.You are required to provide 2D or 3D product drawings or samples, which will be designed by Hongmei design team. 

2.Analyze the reasonable glue point of the product before design, and avoid shrinkage, deformation, cooling and other defects through mould flow analysis.

3.Baby swing car usually use PP materials, according to the characteristics of the material to choose reasonable steel to ensure the quality of the product and the life of the mould.

4.Test whether the mould meets the quality control standard of Hongmei by injection moulding machine before shipment.

5.We can provide a complete set of baby swing car production line services.

 Baby Swing Car Mould

If you are interested in our baby swing car mould, please call us at any time.