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Plastic Automotive Parts Mould

We Provide Various Plastic Automotive Parts Mould, including New energy vehicle Mould, electric vehicle Mould Car Control Panel Mould、Automotive Bumper、Auto Car lamp moulds、Automotive Interior Trim Mould、Automobile mesh Moulds, automobile contour cover Moulds、Plastic Battery Box Mould、Car Safety Seat Mould and so on.
Car control panel mould for international car brand, such as Honda, Peugeot , Suzuki, car glove box mould, all size of plastic injection mould for automotive industry. Control panel mould with moldtech texture and DME standard mould specification.
HONGMEI MOULD produce bumper molds for international automotive OEM brands and doing well in bumper molding. One of the particular features of HONGMEI AUTO MOULD is our short development time enabling us to bring to market new products in a short space of time.
High safety plastic car seat mould and infant car seats mould maker, HongMei has past all the certificate for safety test for automotive car safety seat mould.
High quality Plastic Automotive Parts Mould and infant seat mould supplier in China, car seat moulds, plastic basket moulds exported to Europe and America countries. Infant car seats mould
Still supplier Battery set is widely used in the automotive industry, it has different models like L1, L2, L3, L4,…… N70, N100, N150, N200 and so on.
Plastic battery case is made by PP or ABS (FR ABS) high quality wall thickness control in battery box mould, especially for the core insert steel material inserted by sectors. Reasonable location of hot runner nozzle for injection balance complete battery box mould. Visit more…
HONGMEI MOULD is professional Plastic Automotive Parts Mould for Plastic battery case mould manufacturing. We have rich experience in battery case and cover mould making. Our mould production range include automotive battery series N40, N50, N70, N100, N120, N150, and N200; UPS battery series like 55AH, 90AH, 100AH; Invertor battery series like IT 500; DIN battery series like DIN55, DIN66; And any other types Plastic Automotive Parts Mould of plastic battery case mould making according to customer requirement.
As a kind of new energy resources, storage batteries are widely used in automotive industry, such as electric cars, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, logistics vehicles and so on. According to environment requirement, the electric car would be used instead of gasoline car completely after more technology developing in battery industry, which has a big space to improve the battery running time and lasting life.
At present, there are several different types of batteries, like lead acid battery, Li-ion battery, UPS battery, etc. We choose suitable battery type and suitable battery model based on certain working conditions and requirement. The battery outer container is made by the plastic injection molding, usually we use PP, ABS, FR-ABS as the raw material, which is insulated and able to bear high voltage testing.
 Mould Name: Plastic Automotive Parts Mould、Car Control Panel Mould、Car Safety Seat Mould、Automotive interior trim mould、Plastic Battery Box Mould、Automotive Bumper Mould
Product Size1480x500x600mm/741x435x277mm/500x150x100mm/206*175*164mm/500x150x100mm/
 Product Description: Car Mould
 Mould Cavity: 1 cavity-2cavity
 Mould Size: 1950x1200x1100mm
 Suitable Machine: 450SV-1650 Ton
 Mould Main Material: 718H NAK80  Cavity - Thyssen KrupDIN1.2738 ; Core - Thyssen Krup DIN 1.2312、 H13  Mould Injection System: Yudo hot runner
 Mould Ejection System: ejector pin
 Mould Cycle Time:65- 110 Seconds
 Mould Running: 100W
 Delivery Time: 70 working days
 Mould Features: Control panel mould with moldtech texture and DME standard mould specification.
 all the certificate for safety test for automotive car safety seat mould.
 optimized cooling system;  hot runner system with 7tips injection; High precision milling tooling
 Mould Features: HongMei make Plasic Auto Part Mould use high quality Imported steel material, sequential hot runner system and best cooling system to make a high standard automotive bumper mould.
HongMei Plastic Automotive Parts Mould Plastic adhere to the development and manufacturing guidance of "high speed, accuracy, efficiency, environmental protection, and low consumption" to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and create economic benefits and value for customers.Warmlly welcome contact me at any time.Wechat:249994163 whats App:008615867668057

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Automotive Injection Mould for Car Interior Part

Automotive Injection Mould for Car Interior Part

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Automotive Injection Mould for Car Interior Part. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.Automotive injection mould for car interior parts injection molding solution with texture and cloth overmolding solution.

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